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Tuesday, May 4, 2021
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FitnessU: Tips to avoid workout injuries

Proper form is everything when it comes to avoiding workout injuries. Our trainer shares tips to protect your body when working out.

Try this colour coding strategy to study for your next exam

Not sure where to begin studying for your next exam? Try colour coding your notes, which can help you remember more (and makes them nicer to look at too).

Ask the trainer: “How does a plus-size person start working out?”

Anyone new to working out should start slow to allow their bodies to adapt. If you are plus-size, here are a few other considerations to take before starting a workout routine.

UCookbook: Vegan French toast with apple cinnamon topping

Eating plant-based isn’t all salads and tofu. This vegan take on classic French toast is perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings, or whenever you want a warm, comforting breakfast to start your day.

Worried about your drinking? How to tell if you might have a problem

When does social drinking go too far? Learn to spot subtle signs of alcoholism in you or your friends.

Sustainable, budget-friendly ways to make your wardrobe consciously chic

Fast fashion may be cheap, but the environmental costs are enough to make you rethink that $5 tee. Conscious shoppers share tips on how to create budget-friendly styles without the waste.

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